The staff of the Chester County Planning Commission are employees of Chester County who are assigned to provide all professional and support services to the Planning Commission and its programs. The staff works in partnership with municipal governments, neighboring counties, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and other entities and companies to maintain Chester County's quality of life and economic vitality. The staff also supports the Chester County Agricultural Development Council.

Administration Services

Brian O'Leary, AICP Executive Director

Carol J. Stauffer, AICP Assistant Director

Office Administration and Communications

Beth A. Cunliffe Office and Communications Manager

Marie Celii Information Specialist

Danielle Lynch Communications Specialist

Carolyn Oakley Communications Supervisor

Suzanne Wozniak Administrative Coordinator


Brian Styche, RLA, AICP Transportation Services Director

Brian Donovan Transportation Planner

Rachael Griffith, RLA Transportation Planner

Eric Quinn Transportation Planner

Patti Strauber Administrative Support

Technical Services

Paul Fritz, RLA, AICP Technical Services Director

Christopher Bittle Graphics Specialist

Polly Chalfant Graphics Specialist

Gene Huller Technical Services Supervisor

Doug Meneely Technical Services Specialist

Colin Murtoff Technical Services GIS Planner

Albert Park Graphics Planner

Diana Zak Graphics Supervisor

Agricultural Development

Hillary Krummrich, Esq. Agricultural Development Director

Ann Lane Program Coordinator

Infrastructure and Plan Review

Glenn Bentley Senior Review Planner

Wes Bruckno, AICP Senior Review Planner

Carolyn Conwell, AICP Senior Environmental Planner

Paul Farkas Senior Review Planner

Jenn Kolvereid Land Development Analyst

Jake Michael, AICP Senior Demographer

Planning Services

Susan Elks, AICP Planning Services Director

Kate Clark Community Planner

Mark Gallant Senior Community Planner

Jaime Jilozian, AICP Community Planner

Karen Marshall Heritage Preservation Coordinator

Kevin Myers Senior Urban Planner

Chris Patriarca, AICP Senior Community Planner

Nancy Shields Administrative Support

Jeannine Speirs Senior Community Planner