Welcome to the Planning Commission's Data Index web page, which was created to provide basic population, economic, and other data regarding Chester County. This web page includes tables, downloadable data spreadsheets, and links to other web sites that provide data on a wide range of topics.

The data on this website has been gathered from a number of national, state, and county agencies which publish data throughout the year. As a result, the data on this website is gathered and posted as it becomes available. US Census data is typically updated in the winter and early summer, while most county data is updated in mid spring. If you cannot find what you are looking for, try entering a key word in this search box.

In addition, the Planning Commission has produced a Chester County Economy report that provides a wide range of economic data. The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission has established a Municipal Data Navigator which can be used to access demographic and other data regarding municipalities and counties in southeastern Pennsylvania and the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia. It also lists data for the nine-county region as a whole.

Below you will find an index of Chester County data listed by planning topic. You can also download an excel file of all data.

The 2020 Decennial Census for Chester County

Every ten years the federal government conducts a "decennial" census in which each person in America is counted or "enumerated." On September 16, 2021, the U. S. Census Bureau released local level data from the 2020 Census, as detailed at the Census Bureau's website. The Census Bureau posted this data at data.census.gov.

Planning commission staff extracted the 2020 Census Data relating to Chester County's 73 municipalities and formatted it in an easy-to-use Excel format. These data provide municipal-level data addressing total population, age, housing units, population density, group quarters (such as nursing facilities and university dorms), race, and Hispanic or Latino populations. A downloadable file of all this data is available in an Excel spreadsheet.

The Census Bureau has also created a web page entitled Infographics and Visualizations which includes maps and charts illustrating the 2020 census results. One of these maps is the 2020 Census Demographic Data Map Viewer, which provides selected data about counties and census block groups nationwide. Another useful map provides 2020 State and County population and housing data.

View additional Census information.



Agriculture (2017 Census of Agriculture)

Community Facilities

Community Facilities

Economic Development

Household Income

Income Spectrum

Resident Employment and Unemployment

Residents by Occupation

Residents by Industry

Employment Forecast

Annual Labor Force, Employment, and Unemployment

Employment Characteristics by Occupation

Employment Characteristics by Industry

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Consumer Price Index, All Urban Consumers

Non-residential Construction


Natural Resources

Natural Resources Inventory Interactive Map



Historic Resources

Historic Resources


Residential Housing Report

Home Sales and Median Price

Assessment Property Values Countywide

Housing Value Trends

Housing Units Value Trends

Housing Built by Type

Owner and Renter Occupied

Age of Housing

Land Use and Development

Subdivision and Land Development Activity Reports

Land Use

Non-residential Construction

Open Space

Cumulative Protected Open Space

Annually Protected Open Space

Inventory of Open Space Plans, Programs, and Ordinances

Population and Demographics

Total Population

Population Trends

Population Forecast 2020-2050

Age Distribution

Age Trends

Housing Type Trends


Hispanic Origin

Educational Attainment

Poverty and 200 Percent of Poverty Level

Poverty Trends

Census Information


Commuting to Work

Travel Time to Work

Household by Vehicles Available

Commuting Travel Time to Work Countywide

Utilities and Infrastructure

Utilities and Infrastructure

Comparative Data, Demographic Summary, and Data Sources

County, State, and National Data

Chester County at a Glance

Explanation of Sources